We offer basics that are better for our planet and the people living on it. True sustainability doesn’t just mean doing “some organic cotton” and calling it a day. It means getting into the nitty gritty of fashion production and the science behind sustainable development. 🔍 It means deep-diving and truly understanding all the different certifications and industry programs that are out there. This way we can make informed decisions on how we can make our products as sustainable as possible.

We are very nerdy about sustainable fashion. We don’t shy away from the very detailed discussions about fashion production. We’re talking about topics such as waste-water management or carbon reduction directly with factory management. On a product level we’re about to launch a massive push towards understanding and then extending the durability of our products. Because a t-shirt that you can wear longer, is automatically that much more sustainable!

It’s a lot of work! But we’re happy to do it because we’re passionate about improving our sustainability. Just as we believe that everyone should have access and be able to afford sustainable fashion, we also believe that sustainability is an ongoing journey. And we as fashion professionals have the responsibility to keep pushing our industry forward. One day and one small step at a time!! 💪🏽

Our foundational values are: 

  • Accessibility
  • The idea for Honest Basics was born out of our own personal frustration: why is it so hard to find cool and sustainable basic articles? And once you find them: why are they so expensive?

    We create our products by finding the perfect sweet spot between the most sustainable options out there, while keeping the materials and the production process cost-efficient. So that we can provide all of you with accessible options for sustainable fashion.


  • Honesty
  • Not only is it a great approach to life in general, in a time where more and more businesses are unfortunately using greenwashing to promote their brand, we value open and honest communication with our customers and suppliers. Honesty also applies to the way we produce: we have the best intentions for the entire supply chain. We don’t shy away from the bad things, but we look at them and try to fix them as soon as possible.We are working everyday on maximizing our sustainability, but rest assured that if we ever encounter issues or need to make difficult decisions, we will take you with us in the decision process, for example through our blog: Small Steps. 

    Furthermore, we know that you as our customer want to be able to check if we’re walking the walk, so we take great care to provide transparency in our supply chains and regarding the certifications our products and suppliers hold. 

  • Curiosity
  • Like we said, we’re nerds! 🤓 We love discovering new sustainable solutions to use in our production and consider our curiosity an important tool in pushing the envelope forward in the possibilities of providing affordable sustainable basics. You will find that throughout our collections, we might switch materials or certain fits. We make these decisions as we analyse the durability of former products and discover ways to improve on production methods and materials for future products. Sustainability is a journey and we are not yet at our destination.

  • Maximized Impact
  • We work with monitoring and evaluation structures throughout our supply chain to make sure we consistently check in and measure our impact and work towards the most sustainability possible. This concerns the different steps in the production process, as well as how we ship your order or communicate to you on how to take care of your honest basics. Sustainability can be improved upon across many different areas and we consider a holistic and dynamic approach to our impact to be how we can assure you that you’re buying a good product. 📈

    But how do we put all this into practice? 

    For more detailed information on our sustainability journey, please click through the rest of the links in the overhead menu. 🌼